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Asia-Pacific FDI
Forum Series

The Asia-Pacific Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Forum, started by Professor Julien Chaisse in 2015, aims to encourage discussion and exchange of ideas on FDI in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as international economic law and international relations. It does so by bringing together participants from various backgrounds, such as academia, government, private sector, and civil society in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, in an interactive platform that fosters engagement and collaboration.

The Asia-Pacific FDI Forum is a gathering of stakeholders in Hong Kong where they can exchange their perspectives on investment trends in the region, discuss investment treaties and policies, examine Asia's relationship with the rest of the world, and explore legal and policy implications for the future of international economic law. The forum is open to participation from NGOs, lawyers, and officials involved in foreign direct investment, and it provides an opportunity for in-depth discussions on emerging issues such as the rise of new actors and the norms that will shape the future of Asia-Pacific FDI.

The Asia-Pacific FDI Forum is a platform where experts gather to discuss FDI in the Asia-Pacific region. The discussions are based on academic research and include presentations focused on policy, legal developments, and the economic and political impact of FDI.

The Asia-Pacific FDI Forum meeting follows the Chatham House rule to encourage honest conversations and improve the quality of discussions. This rule allows for all or part of the meeting to be held "off the record" and allows information to be reported without disclosing the identity or affiliations of speakers. By adopting this rule, the meeting promotes impartial and open discussions that can effectively contribute to ongoing conversations.

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