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Asia-Pacific FDI

The Asia-Pacific Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Forum was launched by Professor Julien Chaisse (Professor of Law, City University of Hong Kong) in 2015. The Forum attempts to create meaningful discourse on FDI in the Asia-Pacific region, international economic law and international relations generally by providing a multi-stakeholder interactive platform for participants from academia, the government, private sector and civil society in Asia-Pacific (APAC).

Anchored in Hong Kong, the Asia-Pacific FDI Forum series acts as a meeting platform for multiple stakeholders where they will be able to share their views on regional investment trends, highlight specific features of investment treaties and policies, analyze Asia’s relationship with the world, collaborate and explore legal and policy implications for the future of international economic law. Participation from NGOs involved in circulating information, lawyers and other officials engaged in the field of FDI can favour better engagement on contemporary issues including discussions on emergence of new actors, and norms which shape the future of Asia-Pacific FDI, etc.

The Asia-Pacific FDI Forum provides a platform for discussion grounded in academic research. Discussions take place with the help of policy-oriented presentations which primarily relate to legal developments as also sovereign economics and politics of FDI.

To facilitate candid dialogue and to enhance the level of discussion, the meeting of the Asia-Pacific FDI Forum takes place under the Chatham House rule. This is a morally binding convention that allows all or part of a meeting to be held ‘off the record’ and provides that ‘information gleaned under the Chatham House Rule may be reported [if so agreed], but the identity or affiliations of speakers must not be disclosed’. Adoption of these rules ensures impartial, open and frequent quality discussions that can meaningfully contribute to existing discourse.

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