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Affiliated Experts

Truly Diverse Knowledge

Research Driven Results

To assist with our work, we have a diverse range of affiliated experts having extensive knowledge and experience of working as consultants, expert witness and in arbitration engagements on cutting-edge research and policy issues in the area of FDI law and policy from different jurisdictions.

These experts can be relied upon and engaged by governments when navigating the negotiation and the reality of the new dawn of ISDS. As the UN Working Group III debates on the possible new framework for ISDS, it is ever so important for countries to work towards understanding the model that would work best for them and which would be acceptable to the wider global community (formed of the civil society, sovereigns and private investors). Governments in the APAC region have been known in the past to have engaged the Forum’s affiliated experts to help with formulating their investment and trade policy strategy and implementation.

The use of such experts will only be of more importance in the next stage, as the global community seeks to negotiate newer versions of investment and trade agreements. Our experts can help guide countries, private parties and other stakeholders in planning for their next steps, taking into account the dynamic developments in international trade and investment. Dispute prevention, which forms an important part of the future ISDS strategy, will be better served through the engagement of experts who are able to look at the past data and help countries plan and structure their policies for the future.

Expert advice will be needed to ensure that while seeking FDI, countries at the local level do not give rise to occasions which may result in more claims being filed against the states. When it comes to the private sector, it is even more important for these actors to be aware of what their rights are and may look like in the near future. For investors who are betting on emerging economies, it is important to know how the local legal systems function as several new BITs look to rely (at least partially) on domestic dispute resolution mechanisms.

As the world moves to ISDS 2.0, as investors become more sophisticated, it is important for all stakeholders to engage with experts who can guide them through this change in the best possible manner.  

KDI School of Public Policy and Manageme
Sherzod Shadikhodjaev
  • LinkedIn

KDI School of Public Policy and Management, Korea

Jeanne Huang.jfif
Jie (Jeanne) Huang
  • LinkedIn

Associate Professor, Sydney University

Hugo Romero Martínez
  • LinkedIn

Professor, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Rahul Donde.jpg
Rahul Donde
  • LinkedIn

Counsel, Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler, Geneva

ka zeng.jpg
Ka Zeng
  • LinkedIn

Professor & Director of Asian Studies, University of Arkansas

Brar Manini.jpg
Manini Brar
  • LinkedIn

Consultant, Investment Division, Ministry of Finance, Government of India

Sebastian Espinosa
  • LinkedIn

Senior Legal Adviser, Presidencia de la República, Ecuador

Vanina Sucharitkul
  • LinkedIn

International Arbitrator, Senior Lecturer, Attorney-at-Law (California)

  • LinkedIn

Ogier, Managing Associate

  • LinkedIn

Associate Professor & "One-Hundred Talents Fellow", Zhejiang University

Carrie (Shu) Shang
  • LinkedIn

CalPoly Pomona, College of Business Administration

Sungjin Kang.jfif
Sungjin Kang
  • LinkedIn

Advisor, Kim & Chang, Seoul

Won-Mog Choi.jpg
Won-Mog Choi
  • LinkedIn

Ewha Womans University, School of Law, Seoul

Leïla Choukroune
  • LinkedIn

Professor, University of Portsmouth

Manzoor Ahmad.jpg
Manzoor Ahmad
  • LinkedIn

Chairman, Board of Trustees of Policy Research Institute of Market Economy & Senior Fellow, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

  • LinkedIn

Professor, Otaru University of Commerce, Hokkaido

Rodrigo Polanco.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Senior Researcher and
Lecturer, World Trade Institute

Andrew Mitchell.jfif
  • LinkedIn

Professor, Monash University

Dilini Pathirana
  • LinkedIn

Senior Lecturer, 

University of Colombo

Adrian Lai.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Deputy Secretary General, Asian Academy of International Law

Debashis Chakraborty
  • LinkedIn

Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

  • LinkedIn

Professor, Melbourne University

Emmanuel T. Laryea
  • LinkedIn

Associate Professor, Monash University

Sara Migliorini.jfif
Sara Migliorini
  • LinkedIn

Research Fellow, British Institute of International and Comparative Law

Dominic Dagbanja
  • LinkedIn

Senior Lecturer, The University of Western Australia

download (4).jfif
  • LinkedIn

Lecturer, Griffith College Dublin

download (2).jfif
  • LinkedIn

Lecturer, UNSW Sydney

  • LinkedIn

Associate Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr. James J. Nedumpara.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Head, Centre for International Trade and Investment Law , Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

download (3).jfif
Flavia Marisi
  • LinkedIn

Member, Legal Service at European Commission

Douglas Zhihua Zeng.jfif
Douglas Zhihua Zeng
  • LinkedIn

Senior Economist, World Bank

  • LinkedIn

Partner, Garuda Legal Services, Bhutan

Wenny Setiawati
  • LinkedIn

Lecturer, Universitas Indonesia

Trisha Mitra.jfif
Trisha Mitra
  • LinkedIn

Associate, International Arbitration practice, Shearman & Sterling

Tae Jung Park.jfif
  • LinkedIn

Incheon National University

Xiao Jun.jfif
Jun Xiao
  • LinkedIn

Associate Professor, Wuhan University

Tanjina Sharmin.jfif
Tanjina Sharmin
  • LinkedIn

Lecturer, Monash University

  • LinkedIn

Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University

Sanjna Pramod.jfif
Sanjna Pramod
  • LinkedIn

Associate, DLA Piper

Pasha L. Hsieh.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Associate Professor & Associate Dean (Research), Singapore Management University

Sheng Zhang Xi’an Jiaotong University.jf
Sheng Zhang
  • LinkedIn

Xi’an Jiaotong University

Rajesh Sharma.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Senior Lecturer, RMIT University

  • LinkedIn

Associate Research Fellow, Academia Sinica

Rajesh Babu Ravindran.png
  • LinkedIn

Professor, ‎Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

Rumana Islam.jpg
Rumana Islam
  • LinkedIn

Associate Professor, University of Dhaka

wang, Guiguo 800x600_0.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Eason-Weinmann Chair of International and Comparative Law, Tulane University

  • LinkedIn

Assistant Professor, Nyenrode Business University

  • LinkedIn

Professor & Founding Director, Center for International Economic Law and Policy, University of International Business and Economics

  • LinkedIn

Director & Professor of International Trade and Investment, Institute of Malaysian and International Studies, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Dinh Anh Tuyet, Head of IDVN.jfif
  • LinkedIn

Managing Partner, IDVN Lawyers, Hanoi

  • LinkedIn

Associate Professor, Durham University

  • LinkedIn

National Council of Applied Economic Research, Delhi

Cristen Bauer.jfif
  • LinkedIn

Fellow at Institute of International Economic Law, Washington DC

Du Ming.jpg
Ming Du
  • LinkedIn

Professor, Durham University

Teerawat Wongkaew.jfif
  • LinkedIn

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand

Illia Rashkov.jfif
  • LinkedIn

Nektorov, Saveliev & Partners, Moscow

  • LinkedIn

Research Fellow of Institute of Developing Economies, Washington D.C.

  • LinkedIn

Of Counsel, Carnelutti Law Firm, Milan

Jaemin Lee.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Professor, Seoul National University

  • LinkedIn

Associate, International Dispute Resolution Group, Debevoise & Plimpton, NYC

Chiann Bao.jfif
  • LinkedIn

Arbitration Chambers, Hong Kong

  • LinkedIn


Economic Law & Policy Program, International Institute on Sustainable Development

Todd Weiler.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Independent International Arbitrator

  • LinkedIn

Professor, Nagoya University

  • LinkedIn

Counsel, Foley Hoag, Washington

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