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Research-based Expertise

The Asia Pacific FDI Network and its members regularly publish articles and reports related to foreign direct investment (FDI). These publications include scholarly articles and policy papers, as well as reports and proceedings from events and meetings. Some examples of the publications available on the site include:

Domestic Investment Laws and International Economic Law in the Liberal International

World Trade Review

Volume 22 - Special Issue 1 - February 2023

The Comprehensive Agreement on Investment: Contribution to International Investment Law

The Journal of World Investment & Trade (JWIT)

Volume 23 - Special Issue Issue 4 - August 2022

China's International Investment Strategy

Wolters Kluwer, Editors: Chaisse J, Hu J

This book examines a broad spectrum of issues emanating from China's contemporary international investment law and policy. Issues such as domestic foreign investment law and reforms, tax policy, bilateral investment treaties, free trade agreements, G20 initiatives, 'Belt and Road initiative', international dispute resolution, and inter-regime coordination among others have been discussed. The discussion on these topics combines legal, economic and international relations perspectives, to provide the reader with a comprehensive analysis of the subject.


International Economic Law and the Challenges of the Free Zones

Wolters Kluwer, Editors: Chaisse J, Hu J

This book looks at special economic zones (SEZs) which have become a common feature of international trade. This book provides a critical and comprehensive analysis of SEZs. It covers a broad spectrum of countries and regions to show how SEZs, although established at the domestic level and by different countries, raise multiple legal issues under international economic law. This book is the product of the Asia FDI Forum IV which took place in Hong Kong in 2018. This book addresses several issues related to SEZs such as investment protection in China’s SEZs; state-owned enterprises regulation; dispute settlement; under what circumstances incentives available in SEZs count as export subsidies prohibited under World Trade Organization (WTO) rules; compliance with internal market rules in European Union (EU) free zones; local populations as victims of land expropriation; Brazil’s Manaus Free Trade Zone; India’s experience with multiple SEZs among others.


China-European Union Investment Relationships:
Towards a New Leadership in Global Investment Governance?

EE, Editors: Chaisse J)

This book critically analyses the current law and policy between the EU and China in the field of international economic law. Divided into three parts, it deals with key issues relating to the EU-China investment partnership and its implications, both internally and internationally. Part I looks at the drivers and issues that subsist between China and the EU. Part II looks at how the two partners are working towards adopting the innovative solutions to bridge the gap between their current positions, and Part III examines the EU’s proposal to establish a Permanent Court of Arbitration to help resolve ISDS disputes in the future.


Asia's Changing International Investment Regime: Sustainability, Regionalization and Arbitration

Springer, Editors: Chaisse J, Ishikawa T et al

This book focuses on the APAC region and identifies the evolving dynamics of foreign investment in the region. It examines the relationship between efforts to increase FDI and efforts to promote governance and offer inclusive growth and development. This discussion takes place in the background of swiftly evolving international investment law. The book emphasises the need to balance domestic and international legal frameworks and seeks to promote both foreign investment and municipal laws. Four overarching themes are discussed in the book. (i) how Asia-Pacific’s agreements compare with recent global trends in the evolving rules on foreign investment, (ii) what China is doing, (iii) current investment arbitration practice in Asia, and (iv) the importance of regionalising investment law in the APAC region.

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